Chapter 5 – Electrics

5.1 Wiring Harness

The original plan was to keep the original wiring harness, though later inspection revealed some “almost burned” wires underneath the backseat near the heater pipes – not only coloring, most of the wires were rather “crispy”. This made me decide to rebuild a new wiring harness from scratch and by doing so make use of the possibility to add some additional useful wires (maybe I use these, maybe not, to be decided later in time)

  • Additional lights front (fog, high-beam)
  • Additional lights back (fog, reversing light)
  • Connections for tow bar
  • Additional 12V plugs in interior (back/dashboard)
  • preparation for audio
  • …more to come as we go.

Checking out the WWW and most, well basically all, color codes used for the wiring is still available – it helps if all fully compliant to the DIN 72551 standard. For the additional wiring I will follow the same standard when it comes to color coding.

5.2 Lights

5.3 Front screen wipers

The front screen wiper motor was still working properly, only the mechanism showed signs of rust and the axles and bearings needed to be greased. At the same time the body feed through seals needed replacement as other small plastic pieces (were not removed for an earlier paint job as it seems and partly painted in white color). The whole unit was taken apart, grid blasted, repainted black, greased and assembled again. See picture series below.