Schetters Classic Cars

Welcome to this website! Here my son and I will share with you our interest for classic cars – for now fully focused on the legendary VW Beetle as that is the project we are working on.

Why a VW Beetle? Well, probably good childhood memories, at home we always used to have one as a second car and it was used to drive me to school, friends and so on. Exposing my son from the age of 4 to VW Beetles already contaminated him with the virus at a very early age and at regular moment when we have some spare time, we retreat to our workshop for a few hours. At least I know for sure the Beetle we are working on will stay for a while!

Other cars? Could be in the future when this one is done, I also have good memories to Peugeot (204/304), Citroen DS, Opel Kadet (the very early ones) or a Morris Mini Cooper. Or a entire different direction, VW T1. In general not the very fancy sports cars, nice to see of course, but I prefer to work on cars that dominated the streets earlier in time and with the 30 Million cars mark, the VW Beetle was an undisputed first one to start with. Either way which one is next, with an average of 5-10 years restoration time by car, I am good for life with this hobby!

Why this website? First of all, simply to update family, friends, relatives and colleagues on our hobby. Secondly, public forums, for example have no guarantee on continuation which I learned the hard way in 2019 as it was shut down and all that was posted is not accessible any longer. Well, that happens only once – simply build your own, as long as you pay the bills it will not be shut down!

If time allows I will aim for regular short updates in the Blog / News section, feel free to react.

For those who happen to land on this page by coincidence (as I am not pushing this site for Google hits or anything like that) – in case you are working on a vintage VW Beetle, I hope the information is useful, of course all at own risk. In case you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out to me via the contact page.

For now, enjoy reading!